Anlin Window Screens, See and Feel the Difference

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Springtime allergies and April showers are ahead.  Is your home ready for this new season? Breathe easier and cleaner, whether your windows are open or closed. Anlin window screens combined with triple-guard weatherstripping protects your home against allergies. Anlin window screens open up your view, lets in the fresh air and keeps the pollen, bacteria […]

Sliding Doors vs Swing Doors: Which Patio Door Style is Best for Your Home?

Anlin replacement windows and doors

When finding the right door for your patio you may be trying to decide between a sliding door versus a swing door. Both are great choices for your home and can bring the outdoors in and create a smooth transition to your beautiful backyard. To help you make the best patio door style choice for […]

Different Types of Windows for Your Home

Anlin replacement windows and doors

There are a variety of window types available that will fit your home style and provide different benefits. Each window has it is own uses and benefits.   There are a variety of window types that can be purchased, and each have their own benefits and uses. Below are images, descriptions and the benefits of each […]

When to Replace Your Old Windows

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Some homeowners don’t know how old their windows are, making them wonder if they need to be replaced or if they are performing like they should? Age is not the only factor that indicates whether your windows need to be replaced. Below are several items that can help you identify when you need to replace […]

What to Look for When Buying New Windows

Anlin replacement windows and doors

What do you need to look for when shopping for new windows? There are several factors that should be considered when searching for the best windows for your window replacement. Below are the top 5 items to look for to determine the right windows for your home. 1. Energy Efficiency The key when choosing the […]

Benefits of Replacement Windows for Your Home

Anlin replacement windows and doors

Add Value When thinking about replacing your windows and doors you may be wondering if the investment is worth it and what benefits new windows will provide? Replacement windows are ranked as one of the top home improvement projects that have the best return on investment. According to 2020 Cost Vs Value Report, the average […]