When to Replace Your Old Windows

Some homeowners don’t know how old their windows are, making them wonder if they need to be replaced or if they are performing like they should? Age is not the only factor that indicates whether your windows need to be replaced. Below are several items that can help you identify when you need to replace your windows and doors.

Do you have single-pane windows?

Single-pane windows provide little to no insulation and is the least effective in blocking outside noise. Having single-pane windows with poor insulation will make your air conditioner work harder to heat and cool your home resulting in high energy bills. Most of today’s new windows are double pane and have Low-E (Low Emissivity) glass that are more energy efficient and help reduce outside noise.  Anlin Windows & Doors is a top window and door manufacturer and makes energy efficient windows and doors with outstanding noise reduction.

Single Pane Window

Single-Pane Window


Are your windows drafty?

If your windows are closed and you can still feel drafts or cold air coming  in, this could mean your windows are not sealed tight. Over time the seals on your windows can wear causing gaps that allow air to come in and out of your home. Windows can be resealed but will only last a short period of time before they will more likely to fail again. Unwanted bugs can also make their way through these gaps into your home.


Are your windows difficult to open and close?

Over time windows can be hard to open and close. The hardware on the windows can become faulty or the frame material can warp or wear causing the window to be hard to operate. Proper operation of windows is important during emergencies, like fires, to be able to get out. If the windows are hard to open and close, it can be dangerous for you and your family. It is important to make sure all windows in your home can open and close properly.


Are there condensation between your window panes?

If there is condensation that is appearing between your window panes, it is possible that your window has a broken seal. Some double-pane windows are filled with thermal barrier gas, such as Argon, in between the window panes, to increase energy efficiency. When the seal is broken, it allows the Argon gas to leak out and your windows are not insulating how they should.


Are you energy bills going up?

If your energy bill is on the rise and has gone up in the last couple of years your windows may be to blame. Drafts, broken seals, single pane windows can affect the energy efficiency of your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy loss from windows accounts for nearly 25% of the annual heating and cooling costs of the average American home.


Does your windows look old and worn-down?

Old windows that are faded or worn-down are unappealing and could bring the value of your home down. New windows will increase the value of your home and improve your home’s curb appeal. Window replacement can give your home a beautiful new look without the major cost of a major remodeling project.


If you have identified any of these problems with your windows, it is time to have them replaced because they are no longer providing comfort, safety or value to your home. Replacing your windows is an investment with long-lasting benefits.

If you are considering in replacing your windows, explore Anlin Windows & Doors or contact an Authorized Anlin Dealer to get started – Find a Dealer.

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