Benefits of Replacement Windows for Your Home

Add Value

When thinking about replacing your windows and doors you may be wondering if the investment is worth it and what benefits new windows will provide? Replacement windows are ranked as one of the top home improvement projects that have the best return on investment. According to 2020 Cost Vs Value Report, the average vinyl window replacement provides a 72.3% return. New windows provide many benefits for you and adds value to your home selling.

Chart from 2020 Cost Vs Value Report for vinyl window replacement

Increase Energy Efficiency

Windows are still one of the largest sources of heat loss and heat gain in your home. Many of today’s windows are more energy efficient than single-pane or old windows installed in the past. New windows provide better insulation and keep your heating and cooling inside, while reducing your utility bill. According ENERGY STAR, the average annual heating and cooling savings when replacing single-pane windows is from 20% – 31%.

Chart from ENERGY STAR

Enhance Curb Appeal

New windows will improve the look and increase the value of your home. Replacing your old, worn-down windows you can improve your home’s exterior appearance and curb appeal. Window replacement can give your home a beautiful new look without the major cost of a major remodeling project. Many new windows come in different frame types and colors to choose from to enhance the style of your home.

Anlin windows with architectural bronze exterior frame color

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Provide Comfort and Security

New energy efficient windows provide comfort and peace of mind. Better insulated windows can help keep warm and cool air insider your home, while reducing outside noise. Anlin windows with Sound Package reduces outside noise up to 50% compared to single-pane windows. Safety and security is important to every family and homeowner. Installing new windows can help increase the safety and security of your home. Anlin windows offer laminated security glass for protection against break-ins and tempered glass that when reduces the possible of injury if the glass is accidentally broken.

Anlin replacement windows


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