New Product Enhancements

Anlin Windows & Doors is consistently aspiring to update and expand our product selections and options, to offer you the best replacement windows and doors for your home.

Our latest releases in product enhancements and features range from aesthetic options to increases in security features! We’re excited to show off our latest new options for your windows and doors: satin black hardware, and Quad-Lock locking systems and transom options for our Anlin Malibu Sliding Patio Doors. 

Satin Black Hardware

All window locks and door handles are now available to be upgraded to a satin black finish.

Satin black offers a luxurious finish, rich in depth and pairs beautifully with satin black Thermacoat exterior coating. Available on Patio sliding doors, French swinging doors, and all operable windows except casements.

Black and satin hardware

Anlin Malibu Doors - Quad-Lock Upgrade

Anlin Malibu Sliding Patio Door Quad-Lock 4-Point Locking System

Now introducing the latest in security for our Anlin Malibu sliding patio doors, the Quad-Lock locking system. An optional upgrade, the Quad-Lock system adds 2 additional heavy-duty hooks to the top and bottom of your sliding patio doors for a total of 4 locking points, increasing security and giving you peace of mind. 

This one-piece assembly contains spring-loaded adjustable keepers, making for easy installation. The Quad-Lock upgrade is NOT available in the OXXO configuration. 

Integral Transom on Patio Sliding Doors

The transom, also known as a picture window above the door, adds style and increases natural light into the home. This 1-piece transom spans the width of the door and can be ordered on most sliding patio door configurations with the exception of the OXXO.

Optionally, the horizontal T-bar may be moved as an “oriel” to allow for more glass in the transom. Grids and obscure glass are NOT available in the transom IG, and the transom cannot surpass 144″ x 99″ in size.

Anlin Malibu Transom

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