AAMA Gold Label Certified

Anlin Unmatched Performance and Security

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"We demand that our windows and doors pass the toughest tests for performance and security...
so should you!"

Anlin earns all 3 certificates of the AAMA Gold Label

AAMA Gold Label

Air, Water & Structural

Tests were performed at an independent AAMA accredited testing lab and met these criteria:

  • Prescribed maximum levels of air leakage through the assembly
  • No water penetration through the assembly at a specified simulated wind speed
  • Prescribed levels of structural resistance to wind and other dynamic pressures
  • Life cycle durability requirements as applicable based on the product’s performance class designation
  • Component performance verification to AAMA specifications

Forced Entry Resistance

No window or sliding patio door manufacturer can promise impenetrability. But at Anlin, we voluntarily submit our products to the California Forced Entry (CFE) resistance test – a pass-or-fail test that measures the window’s ability to stay locked and closed under extreme pressure. This certification assures us, and you, that our windows and sliding patio doors withstand the toughest security standards in the industry!

Not all windows pass this test.
But all Anlin windows do!

Thermal Performance

Energy efficiency is a high priority for homeowners seeking to increase their comfort in the home while reducing energy costs. Recognizing this, Anlin doesn’t just say we make the most energy efficient windows and sliding patio doors. We subject our products to AAMA’s optional certification tests for thermal performance and condensation resistance. The tests are performed independently by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).