Malibu Sliding Patio Doors

Popular Configurations

Sliding / Fixed
Fixed / Sliding
Sliding / Fixed / Fixed
Fixed / Fixed / Sliding
Fixed / Sliding / Fixed
Fixed / Sliding / Sliding / Fixed

Anlin Malibu doors are built with one of two exclusive Next Generation Glazing Systems: Infinit-e™ (standard) Plus High Performance Glazing System or QuadraTherm™ (optional) Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System. Both lead the industry in thermal performance.

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Pictured: Infinit-e Plus™ High Performance Glazing System
Infinit-e Plus™ High Performance Glazing System
Pictured: QuadraTherm™ Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System
QuadraTherm™ Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System
Pictured: White Vinyl Exterior
White (Standard)
Pictured: Tan Vinyl Exterior
Tan (Standard)
Pictured: Adobe Vinyl Exterior
Adobe (Optional)
Exterior / Interior

ThermaCoat Solar Reflective Colors

Love the look of your home right down to the color of your doorframes. With Anlin, you’ve got a lot of choices!

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Architectural Black
Architectural Bronze
Architectural Silver
Classic Gray
Red Pepper
Rose Wood
Desert Tan
Divine Wine
Forest Green
Exterior Only

Colors shown are representations of ThermaCoat Solar Reflective Colors for comparison purposes only. For actual color, view ThermaCoat vinyl samples (provided by Dealer) in natural daylight.

Frame Options

Pictured: Contemporary Style Frame
Pictured: Brickmould Style Frame
Pictured: Block Style Frame

Rail Styles

Pictured: Standard Style 2 1/2" Rail
Standard Style 2 ½" Rail
Pictured: French Style 4" Rail
French Style 4 ½" Rail

Malibu sliding patio doors can be made with a Freedom + pet door which provides a unique option for pet lovers. They combine the elegance of a sleek, in-glass design with a heavy-duty frame and other features you'll appreciate. Freedom + pet doors are available in four sizes so you can choose the size just right for your pet.

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Pictured: White Sliding Handle
Pictured: Tan Sliding Handle
Pictured: Adobe Sliding Handle
Pictured: Bronze Sliding Handle
Pictured: Satin Nickel Sliding Handle
Satin Nickel(Optional)
Pictured: Polished Brass Sliding Handle
Polished Brass(Optional)

Optional 3/8" Stainless Steel Dead Bolt

For added security, an optional 3/8" stainless steel dead bolt can be added to all Malibu sliding patio doors.

Pictured: Optional Stainless Steel Dead Bolt in Door

V-Groove Glass

V-Groove glass has a pattern that is precision engraved on the side of the glass that faces the insulating air-space. This provides an elegant, decorative effect while leaving your doors smooth and easy to clean. V-Groove glass is available in the following styles and a wide range of patterns:

Pictured: Frosted V-Groove
Pictured: Full Polished V-Groove
Full Polished
Pictured: Center Polished V-Groove
Center Polished

Grid Styles

Pictured: Flat Grid Style
5/8" Flat
Pictured: 5/8" Sculptured
5/8" Sculptured
Pictured: 1" Sculptured
1" Sculptured

Grid Patterns

Pictured: Colonial Pattern
Pictured: Perimeter Pattern
Pictured: Queen Anne Pattern
Queen Anne

As an industry leader in manufacturing energy efficient windows and doors, Anlin is proud to publish our thermal performance data. The numbers shown here are the results of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) independent standardized testing for the two most important measurements. The first is the Total Unit U-Factor, which is the amount of heat that transfers through the window or door. The second is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which is the amount of solar radiation that transfers through the glass. For both measurements, lower numbers equate to higher energy efficiency. As you can see, Anlin windows and doors deliver energy savings you can count on.

Malibu Sliding Patio Door – Standard 2 ½" Rails
  Door & Insulated Glass System Total Unit U-Factor Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  Next Generation QuadraTherm w/ Argon Gas 0.24 0.21
  Next Generation Infinit-E Plus w/ Argon Gas 0.28 0.21
Malibu Sliding Patio Door – French Style 4 ½" Rails
  Door & Insulated Glass System Total Unit U-Factor Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  Next Generation QuadraTherm w/ Argon Gas 0.26 0.18
  Next Generation Infinit-E Plus w/ Argon Gas 0.29 0.19

All Anlin Infinit-e Plus and QuadraTherm insulated glass systems have been tested to block the transmittance of ultraviolet (UV) light by 95%.

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